About Reclone

By learning about old technologies, we can better understand new technologies.

Our Name

The word “Reclone” comes from our interest in using reconfigurable computing to clone retro computer and gaming platforms.  A properly designed FPGA board can “clone” one platform, and later “clone” another – a process we like to call “re-cloning“.  As a fortunate side-effect, such a board can become an incredibly versatile prototyping and learning platform.

Our Mission

  • To encourage the creative nature of makers, hackers, and other hobbyists,
  • To promote STEM education and support STEM educators,
  • To enable engineering professionals to build new things,
  • To embrace gaming as a means to enjoy life, and
  • To deliver meaningful innovation in pursuit of the above.

Our Team

Reclone Labs started in 2017 as a small enthusiast group excited about mixing FPGAs with microcontrollers to create fun and innovative embedded systems platforms. It is a young, ambitious team with a breadth of engineering and technical education, and over 20 years of combined professional experience.

  • angrylemur is the founding member of Reclone Labs. With degrees in electrical engineering and software engineering, he has both industry and self-taught experience with PCB design, VHDL/Verilog, various microcontrollers, embedded C/C++, and desktop HLLs like C#, Java, and Python. He is an open source advocate, and is responsible for most of the architecture, hardware, HDL, driver, and middleware design.
  • SunitaGirl is the resident web design consultant, UI critic, and STEM trend watcher for Reclone Labs. She has degrees in electrical engineering, a growing web design portfolio, and extensive embedded software testing experience and certification. She provides necessary feedback so that Reclone’s applications are stable, well-organized, easy to use, and pleasing to the eye.
  • selectAllDeleteRewrite is a tool chain, driver, middleware, and application firmware engineer for Reclone Labs. He is an embedded software engineer with ten years of experience and a keen eye for simplicity, modularity, and maintainability. He wants the end user to get up and running quickly, he requires that the documentation is adequate, and he is NOT afraid to refactor your code.